Laughter Doeth Good Ministries

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Laughter Doeth Good Ministries
Laughter Doeth Good Ministries is a faith based outreach for anyone who has ever been down and the only thing that brought them back up was a good laugh.

Laughter Doeth Good Ministries, though brand new in concept and design, has roots dated further back than Methuselah. We are a ministry, ministering to the broken among us all. We are a ministry ministering to the people standing in the pew next to us. We are a ministry ministering to the beat down, the worn out, the ached, the pained, the worried, the sad, the lame, the hurt, the grumpy, the down and out, the weak, the strong, the courageous, and the ones who need encouraged.

Laughter Doeth Good Ministries travels across the nation to churches, youth groups, summer camps, conventions and revivals spreading the sounds of laughter, lighting up faces with joy, and giving a glimmer of hope to those who are weary.

Laughter Doeth Good Ministries wants to hurt you with laughter. We want to see tears flowing down your face. We want to put a cramp in your side, and a smile on your face.

Laughter Doeth Good Ministries, it’s just what the doctor ordered.


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