Behind the Curtain: The Sad Clown

Laughter Doeth Good like a medicine.

Proverbs 17:22


I love laughter.

I love it more than anything in the entire world.

Well, wait, that’s a lie, I love my wife and daughter too, so I love them secondly, but I love God too, but I love him before anything else, so I love God then My wife, then Paisleigh Grace, then Laughter .


I love laughter 4thly more than anything in the world.


I am the owner and founder, of Laughter Doeth Good Ministries out of Springfield, Mo.

I started this ministry in prayers that I would one day impact 1 person as much as 1 person had impacted me earlier in life. I believe that laughter has the power to heal wounds that otherwise would be impossible. I believe it and I live it. I know that God himself gave us laughter and joy because that is the only thing in this world that can tear down walls between people more than any other avenue. Though cultures differ and politics as well as denominations can divide us, we can all agree on one thing, laughter.





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